Rules and Information

All High Plains Raceway Rules are also in effect!
This is NOT a race day, this is NOT head-to-head racing, this is NOT a speed competition, this IS a fun chance to take your car out on a real race track!
ALL drivers must wear a helmet, long pants, and closed-toe shoes on the track at all times. (this also applies to those who are riding as passengers!)
We will have some helmets available for you to borrow if you do not have one.
Convertibles must have factory installed rollover protection or a high-quality aftermarket install – must be installed immediately behind driver’s seats.
  … each convertible needs to be approved by the track manager.
We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you do not follow the safety rules given at the MANDATORY drivers meetings.
No refunds will be given if you are asked to leave.



We will be splitting everyone into two groups to go out on the track.  There is a slow group (beginner/intermediate drivers) and a fast group (advanced/experienced drivers).  The main difference between the two groups is how comfortable you are with driving on the track and the relative speed of your car.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

In both groups, passing can only be done with a point-by from the car in front of you. PLEASE make sure you are able to fully make the pass before the turn-in.  The passing car needs to move off the racing line to make the pass. Also, the car being overtaken should let off the gas to let the passing car by – do not race them to the corner! You need to be comfortable passing cars AND getting passed.  There will always be a slower car in front of you and a faster car behind you. PAY ATTENTION!

Remember, the key to passing in BOTH groups – It is the responsibility of the car making the pass to go off-line to make the pass. DO NOT move out of the way, off-line to “help”. You need to be consistent and predictable when other drivers are behind you.

REMEMBER – there are no Formula 1 scouts out at the event, this is not a race, we are here to have fun.  Do not be stupid or try to show off!